A Random Moment of Inspiration

The goal of this blog is not to get into the nitty-gritty of my creative process, inspiration or the like. Most of my story ideas come out of nowhere; and the rest from a potpourri of experiences.  That said, I do have more traditional moments of inspiration that get my creative wheels turning.  This morning I was walking the dog in a familiar place, like I have done many times before, and a particular look at my surroundings got me started.  Completely formative ideas, mind you.  What’s funny is how this same (same-ish?) look at the scenery never struck me this way before.  Another random moment, perhaps?  I do not have an answer to that.  I thought, for no good reason, I would share that moment.  It is a blog thing to do.

Sorry about the picture quality.  I was not thinking about posting this at the time; and it was roughly 1 degree Celsius (34-ish Fahrenheit) and beginning to snow.

Random Moment of Inspiration?

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